My mate Ben and I have had a ‘macaroni cheese blog’ for about 5 years now that’s existed only in our hearts, minds and texts. Now that I have a website, I thought I may as well make it a reality. We’ve ranked and discussed in-depth every mac & cheese we’ve sampled since we started saying we had a blog as a joke, and yet have no formal record of the scores. Until now, the gold standard that all macs must be held to is Ben’s Mum’s mac & cheese (or as he calls it, simply, ‘Mother’s’) despite the fact I have never eaten nor seen Ben’s Mum’s Macaroni Cheese. I trust his word. Far and away the worst Macaroni Cheese probably in the entire world was one Ben ordered from the Hungry Horse in Greenock: a turgid, grey, affair scoffed after a disappointing Dunfermline away loss to Morton 3-2, after being 2-0 up in 2017.


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