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'Can I Just Say?: A Podcast about The Apprentice' /// 'Can You Just Say?: A Podcast about 'You''

Like you, your nephew, and most others I have a podcast.

It's called 'Can I Just Say?' and started out being about The Apprentice with my friend and colleague Gemma Flynn. We recorded it weekly in Gemma's work or Gemma's cupboard, whatever was easiest. 

Once Apprentice 2018 had ran its course (RIP) we reconvened in the cupboard, with added friend Siobhain Ma (Glasgow band Happy Spendy) to discuss Netflix's ratings-smash (and IMHO very-bad-programme) 'You'.

Most recently we got together to discuss The Apprentice Celebrity Special for Red Nose Day, which I regard to be the high point of both television and culture in general. Sam Allardyce and Rylan Clark-Neal together at last. Do yourself a favour.  

A lot of the pod is dated by the nature of the subject matter, but if you want to hear some pals who have eaten too much and drank too many cans speaking over each other and making basic errors like getting people's names wrong you can absolutely do so by clicking the link below.