"What's The Script?" / "Stu & Steve Write a Film"

Like you, your nephew, and most others I have a podcast.

I co-host a weekly comedy podcast with my good friend, lookalike, and BBC New Comedy Award-winning comedian Stephen Buchanan. Each episode we try and guess the plot of a film we've never seen (we've not seen a lot of the classic movies everyone's seen). It's a daft laugh, it's been really fun to do and people seem to like it. At time of writing we have 5 stars on iTunes from 41 reviews, shove that up your Rotten Tomatoes. 

We've also started a sister pod on Patreon where we've made the foolish decision to write our own film in weekly installments released as podcasts. Christ knows what our movie will end up being but our intention is to write the greatest film of all time