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‘A rising star’ – The Metro

'if you've never seen his stand up, it's time to make that right' - The Times

'a sensitive and philosophical portrayal of modern masculinity... an hour of perfectly crafted stand-up with plenty of gags that wouldn't sound out of place in a comedy club at the weekend' - The List

'a terrific torrent of laughs from start to finish, a relentlessly funny hour from a great emerging Scottish talent' - The Sunday Post

A bleak, existential cry about the mundane futility of existence. With jokes. Strong stuff indeed’ – Chortle


‘Elegantly crafted, full of ludicrous description and hilariously ratcheted-up.’ – The Scotsman 

'a highly engaging storyteller and, like any good comic, it very much feels like it’s only you in the room with him. What sets McPherson apart as a performer is there’s yet to be anyone else to explore the pain that comes with being a ‘millenial’ with quite so much accuracy and intimacy... [They] aren’t topics that scream comedy gold mine. But in McPherson’s hands, they are beyond hilarious.'  - The Skinny

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